Creative Burger Pet Nest


Pamper your pet with the round faux sheepskin snuggery burrow pet bed! Specifically designed for pets that like to curl and nestle under warm, insulating comfort.

Featuring a soft bed that can be used as a comfortable, tent-like burrowing cave with tubing. Thick and insulating faux lines in the inside sleep surface, while the overall exterior flaunts wear-resistant fabric.

Cushioning your adorable friend is an egg-crate orthopedic mattress that soothes pressure points and helps improving air circulation for a deeper sleep.

The faux sleep surface is absolutely soft and makes it ideal for snuggling into during cold nights. Materials are gentle, delivering super comfort for your furry friend. 


  • Unique pet bed
  • Perfect for cuddling
  • Pet-friendly short plush material
  • Promotes better air circulation
  • Keeps your pet cool in the summer and warmer during cold weather
  • Perfect for cats to curl up


  • Product Category Pet Nest 
  • Color Dark coffee, beige, pink 
  • Size: M 45x35 cm (17.7"x13.8") , L 55x40 cm (21.7"x15.7")
  • Material: Fiber, PP cotton  

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