Interactive Running Mouse Cat Toy

$18.99 $21.99

A great way to develop your kitty's hunting skills.

With this unique stimulating cat toy, you can captivate your cat's attention and satisfy its hunting instincts. Your kitty will definitely love this awesome gift.

This interactive cat toy is not only for playing with but also beneficial for health care and eliminating boredom. It has a scratching pad at the top that will keep your cat's claws healthy and save your furniture from getting destroyed.

The concept of the design makes it look like a mouse is hiding away. 

The interactive cat toy is engineered with high-quality pet safety non-toxic materials that ensures it will not be harmful for your cat.


  • An unique practical toy for your kitty
  • Great design and quality toy made from non-toxic hard plastic
  • The cat will love it obviously.
  • Can be used for claw and entertainment
  • Also good for health care and eliminating boredom

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