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Dog & Cat Quick Absorb Bath Towel


Save your money by washing your pet in your home bathtub. Use our fast absorbent pet towel to dry your dog off right after the bath, and they'll be free to go in no time.

Dry your Furry friend off right out of the bath or after swim/ rain, clean up muddy paws before they get in the house, and go out with your pet, the pet towel is a necessity.

Made of high-quality microfiber material, absorbent, Hypoallergenic and Chemical Free, very wash your favorite pet quickly and save your drying time.

Quick absorbent towel dry in under an hour that means you can keep using them multiple times in a day and they won't smell or harbor bacteria in the house.


  • Light and durable, easy to carry
  • Super absorbent and  fast drying feature
  • Perfect as travel towel for your pet
  • Ideal for absorbing water quickly
  • The pet towel's microfiber material attracts dirt and mud for super clean paws


  • Color: Blue / Pink / Purple / Royal Blue / Coffee 
  • Features: Super absorbent
  • Size XS:250g     50*33cm, S: 300g      60*35cm, M: 400g     35*80cm, L: 670g      60*85cm  

1cm = 0.39 inches

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Great outerwear for pups

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