Full Body Dog Raincoat


Your fearless four-legged friend will rule the natural elements when he dons the Full Body Dog Raincoat. This premium-quality all-weather raincoat is lined with soft fleece that features an innovative fabric that absorbs and reflects your dog’s own body heat to generate additional warmth and insulation from the frigid elements; A waterproof outer shell with additional proprietary coatings adds durability and also features reflective piping for added safety in limited visibility.


  • Absorbs and reflects your dog’s body heat for additional warmth and insulation
  • It’s also lightweight; water, wind, and snow-proof; breathable; impermeable and tear-resistant.
  • The outer shell is completely waterproof and includes reflective piping for extra safety
  • Designed to protect his entire body in the harshest conditions


Size  Bust Back length  Neckline 
 3XL  77/30.3"  49/19.3"  52/20.5"
 4XL  82/32.2"  54/21.3"  56/22"
 5XL  87/34.3"  59/23.2"  60/23.6"
 6XL  92/36.2"  64/25.2"  64/25.2"
 7XL  97/38.2"  69/27.2"  68/26.8"

Note: 1-2CM error is normal due to human measurement

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