Super Soft Leather Dog Leash for Large Dogs


No more scratches or burning hands! Enjoy the outing with your buddy more than ever with this soft leather leash.

This is probably one of the most durable leather dog leash available in the market today. Single piece of genuine premium grade leather ensures to last for years. This resistant leash allows you to have controlled walks with your four-legged friend.

The softness of this leash will help you to prevent the burning hand feeling when your doggy pulls hard and the strength helps you to maintain the control on your dog at the same time.

This is a pretty long dog leash but you can also use it as a short leash as well by doubling up. It will help you to keep your doggy close to you.


  • Perfect length for medium and large size dogs
  • Reinforced braided handle
  • Made from premium quality leather
  • Soft and durable craftsmanship
  • Brass swivel clasp attaches to collars securely
  • Ideal for activities like running, walking, hiking, and training


  • 1.2CMx120CM (0.47" x 47.2" inches)
  • 1.2CMx170CM (0.47" x 47.2" inches)
  • 1.2CMx220CM (0.47" x 86.6" inches)
  • 1.2CMx270CM (0.47" x 106.3" inches)
  • 1.6CM x120CM (0.63" x 47.2" inches)
  • 1.6CM x170CM (0.63" x 66.9" inches)
  • 1.6CM x210CM (0.63" x 82.7" inches)
  • 1.8CMx120CM (0.71" x 47.2" inches)

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