Waterproof Cold Burst Pet Vest Coat


For a cosier companion no matter the weather, wrap them up in an insulated Waterproof Cold Burst Pet Vest Coat! It has a water-resistant shell and a fleece lining to hold in your dog’s body heat. Plus, with a snap on the front to keep it out of the way when they don’t need it, they’ll not only look super cute but they’ll stay super comfy on all your cold-weather adventures.

  • Designed to prevent tearing and ripping.
  • Water-resistant and lined with fleece
  • Help to keep your pal dry and warm.
  • Adjustable chest and belly straps
 Size Back Length (in) Chest Girth (in)
XS 7.9" 11.8"
S 9.8" 13.8"
M 11.8" 15.7"
L 13.8" 17.7"
XL 15.7" 19.7"
2XL 17.7" 21.7"


 Size Back Length (cm) Chest Girth (cm)
XS 20 30
S 25 35
M 30 40
L 35 45
XL 40 50
2XL 45 55


Size Type of Dog
XXS -> L Small Dogs 
XL -> 5XL Medium Dogs
6XL -> 10XL Large Dogs
FB French Bulldog


If you don't know how to choose the size, please contact our customer support service. 


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